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3 Ways To Streamline Association Operations With AI-Enabled Chatbots

If you’ve ever sat at your desk wondering how you’re going to get all the items on your to-do list accomplished and wishing there was someone you could delegate to, artificial intelligence could be the answer.

AI-enabled chatbots use advanced AI techniques and generative chat to provide personalized, conversational experiences for website visitors. Unlike traditional, rule-based chatbots that rely on “if/then” logic and only accurately respond to specific keywords, AI-enabled chatbots can understand a variety of keywords and phrases. This means that no matter how inquiries are typed, the chatbot can quickly and effectively answer questions, provide recommendations, and learn from the conversation as it progresses. 

AI-enabled chatbots like Betty Bot can do more than provide personalized experiences for members. They can also act as massive time-savers for association employees who are strapped for time and juggling multiple priorities. 

Below are three ways to leverage AI-powered chatbots to streamline association operations.

1. Improve Member Communications 

Instead of maintaining a member service hotline or a traditional chatbot, supercharging the function with AI can mean your association gains a personalized concierge. AI-powered chatbots can form text responses in a conversational tone, mirroring that of a (human) member of your member success team.

However, AI-enabled chatbots take things one step further: they’re available 24/7, 365 days a year, ensuring site visitors can receive exceptional support whenever needed. 

And, because these chatbots are trained quickly on swaths of association data, content, and resources, they can make recommendations based on your organization’s unique information and preferences. Locating a resource to answer a member’s question could take a human minutes or hours, but AI-powered chatbots can do it in seconds.

2. Manage Memberships, Events, and Association Knowledge

Regardless of the complexities in your field—healthcare, accounting, legal, engineering, and more—AI-powered chatbots can understand industry-specific knowledge and context that is second nature to you and your members, which helps them craft a reliable and detailed reply to any inquiry. This keeps your members engaged and satisfied, leading to increased membership and event registrations.

An AI-enabled chatbot’s data management proficiencies allow them to manage a member database, including updating member information, tracking membership status, monitoring membership engagement, and more. 

To deliver an unmatched member experience, you can leverage an AI-powered chatbot to deliver one-to-one reminders and updates to individual members at scale. Once trained on important information, such as member renewal dates, and unique association protocols, such as renewal processes, it can remind members when it’s time to renew and answer any questions they have about the next steps. 

3. Upgrade Data Analysis

Your association’s data is only as good as the insights it provides. But how many teams have data analysts on staff to make sense of the numbers—or even determine whether the data is complete and useful to begin with?

AI-enabled chatbots are always learning and using the information they collect to improve communications. Collecting data through chat enables organizations to extract valuable insights, such as trending member behavior for indicators of member churn. 

AI-enabled chatbots can also utilize your data to analyze member engagement (like event attendance and website activity), sentiment (feedback and feelings toward the organization), and member segmentation (age, location, and interests).

With better data and greater insight into what the numbers mean, your association can make informed strategic decisions. 

Save Time and Streamline Association Operations with AI

It’s simple—an AI-enabled chatbot like Betty Bot is better for associations than any other traditional or AI-enabled chatbot. Built with the expertise of two companies rooted in artificial intelligence and associations, Betty Bot is a one-of-a-kind chatbot solution designed exclusively for member-based organizations.

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