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Meet the Team

Rob Barnes

Chief Executive Officer

From the shores of Papua New Guinea to city life of Washington D.C., Rob’s journey has been as diverse as it has been rewarding.

At just 19, he embarked on a career in association management with Surf Life Saving Australia. Over the last three decades, his professional path has taken him across three countries, each experience enriching his leadership skills and igniting a lifelong passion for community service and innovation. 

As CEO and Co-founder of Betty Bot, Rob leads the charge in innovating for associations. 

Thomas Altman

Chief Innovation Officer

Thomas started working with associations after earning his graduate degree in applied data modeling techniques. One of the first things Thomas noticed when working with associations was that, while they do a great job of collecting data, hardly anyone is really putting that data to use. 

In an effort to leverage association data and content, Thomas developed Betty Bot. With Betty Bot, Thomas aims to utilize advanced AI-driven solutions to help associations deliver value to their members.  

Dray McFarlane

Chief Technology Officer

Having nearly two decades providing associations with business and technology services, Dray has always been inspired by the people he worked with and their passion-driven support of each organization’s mission. 

In developing Betty Bot, he combines the deep understanding he gained of associations along with his expertise in technology to drive solutions leveraging the latest in Artificial Intelligence.

Johanna Gundlach

Chief Operating Officer

Johanna joins the Betty team with extensive experience supporting startups and small businesses in the association industry. She is passionate about growing teams and helping non-profits further their mission through innovation. 

As Chief Operating Officer for Betty Bot, Johanna is excited to grow the Betty Bot community and help Betty users build comfort and confidence using AI to create incredible new member experiences.