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Betty Bot is an innovative chatbot that combines advanced AI techniques and generative chat to provide associations with a tool to personalize their member experience like never before.

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How Betty Bot Works

“Betty Bot's personalization and efficiency is going to revolutionize member experience for associations."

Jose Triana, Content Manager
at Sidecar

Personalized Concierge

Think of Betty Bot as your association’s personalized AI chatbot concierge. When a customer interacts with Betty, it analyzes the nature of the question and provides an accurate and relevant response in a conversational way you’d expect of your human customer service team.

Available 24/7

Never miss an opportunity to delight your members again. Betty Bot is ready and available to engage in conversation with members and answer questions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

State-of-the-Art AI

Our cutting-edge technology leverages a powerful deep neural network that enables Betty Bot to understand and respond to a wide range of inquiries, enhancing your members’ online experience.

Ground-Breaking Features

The Most Powerful and Personalized Chatbot for Associations

Discover the impactful features of Betty Bot.

One-Of-A-Kind Solution

Betty Bot is an AI-enabled chatbot solution designed exclusively for associations. Built using advanced AI techniques and robust language models, it is a first-of-its-kind solution for member-based organizations.

Expert On Your Association

Before launch, Betty Bot undergoes extensive training—on your organization’s content, including research, FAQs, product descriptions, and more, to ensure it has a complete understanding of your entire association.

Personalized Member Experience

Consumers expect personalized experiences. Give your members precisely that with a chatbot designed uniquely for your association. Betty Bot is here to provide member recommendations based on interests and preferences, improving the overall member experience.

Seamless Integration With Your Association

Betty Bot is seamlessly integrated with your association’s website and platforms to provide a smooth conversational experience that reflects the association’s brand and style and improves overall user experience.

Connect Members With Valuable Information

Fully leverage your association’s library of valuable content instead of requiring users to sift through countless search page results. Betty Bot immediately connects members with curated content, making it easy for them to explore further by asking additional questions or clicking on links.

Ongoing Support & Continuous Upgrades

Our commitment doesn’t end after launch day. Betty Bot’s developers will monitor your chatbot’s performance and regularly train it on your new content to ensure conversations with members are as current and personalized as possible.

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AI-Enabled Chat

The Technology Behind Betty Bot

Betty Bot uses cutting-edge technology to deliver the best conversation experience possible. Our deep neural network analyzes the context and patterns in your language to generate accurate and natural-sounding responses to your questions, providing members with natural, engaging conversations without the hassle of dealing with human agents.