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Building AI Literacy through a Culture of Learning

Building AI Literacy through a Culture of Learning  

The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) beckons with promises of innovation and efficiency, yet it also lays bare a significant challenge: the vast expanse of the AI literacy and understanding gap. As we venture into this new world, the readiness of our teams to harness AI’s potential becomes paramount. It’s not merely about adopting new tools; it’s about cultivating a learning culture that embraces and evolves with AI.  

The Challenge

For many, navigating the AI landscape can feel akin to deciphering an unfamiliar language. This literacy gap creates a chasm between potential and application, leaving innovative and impactful solutions out of reach. Coupled with a deficiency in AI-focused education, a team’s journey towards AI integration may seem daunting.  

And then there’s the task of sifting through countless new tools that pop up each week – each promising efficiency and insights. This adds another layer of complexity to the challenge – how do we identify the tools that truly align with our unique needs? 

The Solution: Creating A Culture of Learning 

The key to overcoming these challenges is not found in a singular solution, but through a mosaic of initiatives that cultivate a culture of learning and experimentation. Leadership plays a pivotal role in this cultural shift, creating spaces for exploration and innovation that transform curiosity into capability.  

It seems like a tall order, but we have seen some amazingly simple ideas for building this culture of learning. Here are a few of our favorites.  

  1. Participation in AI-Focused Forums – Forums offer more than just insights – they serve as a gateway into a community of knowledge, place where ideas are born, debated, and transformed. Dynamic discussions not only spark curiosity, but also encourage experimentation, bringing fresh perspectives and practical applications back to our organizations. We are active participants in the “AI for Associations” space of Sidecar’s Community. 
  2. AI Hackathons or Innovation Labs – Hackathons are a great way to set aside dedicated time to dive deep into AI and work on projects to address specific operational challenges. These events may be internal or expand outside of an organization to bring more diverse ideas and cross-industry inspiration.  
  3. Association Bootcamps – Programs like Sidecar’s AI Bootcamp help contextualize AI to a specific vertical, providing industry-specific applications that make AI feel approachable. These bootcamps offer hands-on learning, leading to “aha” moments for how an organization can leverage AI in its work.  
  4. Invite AI Guests to Team Meetings – Inviting AI pioneers to team meetings is a great way to open your eyes to the art of the possible. Guests don’t have to be experts, just enthusiasts. Have them join your team for an informal discussion to hear what they are trying, what’s working, and what inspires them. It’s likely to spark some new ideas and inspire your team to think differently about your own AI strategy. 
  5. Leverage Social Media for Learning – Recently, a friend of Betty Bot posted on LinkedIn to ask for AI recommendations. She tagged a handful of individuals and asked for specific experiences and suggestions. And guess what… she received a ton of responses! Utilizing social media platforms, like LinkedIn and Twitter, to gather ideas and insights from direct connections or a broader global network of AI enthusiasts and experts allows us to tap into a wellspring of creativity and innovation. Call on people you know and ask them how they are using AI. It’s through these interactions that we uncover novel approaches to training, learning, and applying AI within our organization. 


The journey towards AI literacy and integration is filled with opportunities for growth and transformation. By embracing creative solutions, seeking inspiration from those who’ve led the way, and fostering an environment of continuous learning, we’re not just bridging the literacy gap—we’re positioning our organizations at the forefront of the AI revolution. This journey is continuous, as AI is evolving quickly, driving us toward a future where every challenge is met with an innovative solution.

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