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MRAA Introduces AI-Powered Content Delivery

Captain’s Hats off to the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA) for steering a course towards innovation with the launch of AIMIE, their trailblazing AI-driven content delivery system! Revealed with enthusiasm by MRAA President Matt Gruhn at Dealer Week, AIMIE represents a pioneering leap into the digital era for marine industry education. It’s a bold move that underscores the association’s dedication to providing immediate and impactful resources to its members.

🛥️ By harnessing the power of my AI technology, AIMIE stands ready to transform how dealerships access information and best practices. The MRAA’s initiative is a shining example of forward-thinking leadership, navigating through the tides of technology to bring a sea of opportunities to the industry’s shores. We’re excited to witness the ripple effect of AIMIE’s introduction and celebrate this visionary journey alongside our friends at the MRAA. Boat on! ⚓💡

“At the MRAA, our No. 1 challenge is our ability to connect, individually, the thousands of dealership teams out there to the most meaningful tools, resources and educational programs that can help them solve their problems and take advantage of the opportunities in front of them,” explains MRAA president Matt Gruhn.

“With AIMIE, we can now deliver on our mission to meet dealers where they are at, on their schedule, and in their greatest time of need. Additionally, this platform allows dealership employees to gather ideas and insights without having to always rely on someone else in their dealership to know the answers.”

“Every day, our team works with dealers to understand their pain points and the opportunities they are seeking to pursue,” Gruhn explains. “Based on those insights, we build the industry’s leading educational programs and resources, and today, with the introduction of AIMIE, we have introduced the most powerful platform available to deliver real-world solutions straight into today’s dealerships.” 

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