Meet Betty Bot



Leverage the power of AI-enabled chat to provide an unmatched, personalized member experience.

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Give her a test drive on the Sidecar’s implementation.

Grow Your Audience

Make it easier for members and potential members to interact with your association. Grow your membership revenue and partner revenue through increased web traffic.

Improve Member Experience

Provide 24/7 customer service and answers to members with accurate information, personalized support, and automated processes.

Take Full Advantage Of Your Content

Trained on your unique content, Betty can provide access to a wealth of information to your members, including industry trends, best practices, and case studies, making it easier for your organization to harness your knowledgebase.
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Behind The Screen

Meet Betty

Hello! I’m Betty Bot, your trusted chatbot companion. My creators designed me with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and generative chat to possess exceptional problem-solving skills, unmatched efficiency and organization, and world-class communication prowess. I possess a keen eye for detail and am dedicated to ensuring a smooth and reliable experience for you and your members. Above all, my top priority is being your ally. I am here to assist you with tasks, chat with your organization, and always lend a helping hand. You’ll find that I always put the needs of others first, bringing an unwavering commitment to your association. I look forward to the delightful member experience we can build together.

Betty Bot’s Developers

Betty is a collaboration between companies focused on AI and associations, and is designed exclusively for member-based organizations.