AI-Enabled Chat for Associations

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Betty Bot is a chatbot solution designed exclusively for associations leveraging state-of-the-art AI. Join the growing list of organizations that trust Betty Bot to enhance their online presence and provide their members with a personalized and efficient experience.

Getting Started

Implementing Betty Bot For A Seamless And Personalized Experience

At Betty Bot, we understand the importance of providing a chatbot solution that is tailored to meet the specific needs of your association. That’s why we have a proven process in place to ensure that each implementation is seamless, effective, and tailored to your unique content.

1. Content Analysis & Training

We work closely with you to identify your association’s unique content sources and train Betty Bot on them thoroughly to ensure it responds to member inquiries accurately and as a spokesperson for your association.

2. Robust Testing

Next, Betty Bot undergoes strenuous testing and feedback sessions with our team and yours to guarantee that its responses meet your organization’s expectations.

3. Launch & Ongoing Support

Once adjustments have been made, witness the full potential of Betty Bot live on your site. Following launch, our team is available for ongoing support and regular check-ins to upload any newly available content.

Seamless Integration And Launch

You’ll be involved in every step of our integration process to ensure Betty Bot’s launch is frictionless for your association and provides an exceptional chatbot experience for your members from day one.

Personalized To Your Members

Personalize your member experience like never before with a chatbot explicitly trained on your unique content sources. With a thorough understanding of your organization, Betty Bot personalizes every interaction with members.

24/7 Customer Service

Every experience matters. With Betty Bot live on your site, members can receive personalized 1:1 support for their inquiries whenever it’s most convenient, freeing up your employees to focus on more critical priorities.


The Specifics

How Betty Bot Becomes Your Personalized Association Spokesperson

“Betty Bot represents the pinnacle of AI advancements for the associations sector. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure Betty Bot is an expert on your organization.”

Becky Breeden, Chief Executive Officer
At Brightfind

Your Content Sources

Let Betty Bot seamlessly connect your members with your association’s wealth of knowledge. We train Betty Bot to be an expert on your internal and external content, including FAQs, product descriptions, research, and more.

Context & Industry Specifics

Whether in the healthcare, accounting, legal, engineering, or other industry, Betty Bot can understand the industry-specific knowledge and context that is second nature to you and your members.

Everyday Language

Subtleties like terminology and style are crucial to the member experience. Betty Bot can inherit these complexities and generate coherent and conversational text, regardless of your industry.

Generative Chat

Betty Bot leverages advanced language models and a robust deep neural network to determine context, infer patterns, and generate high-quality, conversational responses to each question it receives.

Advanced AI Techniques

Betty Bot leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning to answer members’ questions directly—specifically Transformer Architecture, Attention Mechanism, and Language Modeling.

Developers Rooted In AI + Associations

Betty Bot brings together the expertise of two leading companies in the AI and association space: Tasio and Brightfind. Together, they’re dedicated to bringing innovative solutions to associations.

“Betty Bot has the ability to understand and respond to human language with unprecedented accuracy and nuance, opening up new avenues of interaction and communication.”

Thomas altman, co-founder
At Tasio